College Prep Initiatives Research Assistant

Position Description

The Emma Bloomberg Center for Access & Opportunity at Princeton University empowers students to achieve scholastic success and attain professional and personal goals; the College Preparation Initiatives (CPI) team, representing the "to" category of the Emma Bloomberg Center for Access & Opportunity comprised of the Princeton University Preparatory Program (PUPP) and the Princeton Summer Journalism Program (PSJP), specifically, works to support students historically underrepresented in higher education to access, persist, and graduate from four-year institutions. The Research Assistant (RA), under the direction of the Associate Director, will conduct research related to the influence of family messaging and self-conscious emotions on college persistence. The RA will support with data collection and coding for the quantitative portion of the study; research, writing, data collection, and analysis for the qualitative portion of the study. Other duties to be determined based on ethics/guidelines related to the completion of doctoral research.


Apply By April 22nd 11:59 PM EDT.


Internship Position

CPI Research Assistant 


Maximum Number of Positions



Supervising Mentor

Dawn Wilson, Associate Director of the Princeton University Preparatory Program 

Skills You Will Need to Begin This Position

  • Utilizing university library services to conduct research and collect literature;

  • Synthesizing literature;

  • Use of Excel;

  • Use of SPSS;

  • Basic knowledge of quantitative and qualitative research methods and tools.

Skills You Will Develop

  • Research conceptualization (idea, structure, methods, design;
  • Synthesizing literature;
  • Survey construction;
  • Participant outreach;
  • Semi-structured interviewing;
  • Data scrubbing/cleaning;
  • Basic SPSS tools

Careers Related to This Internship

  • Conduction of own research for thesis or graduation requirements and exploration of a desire to pursue graduate study.
  • Strengthen research tools and writing and explore quantitative and qualitative data storytelling.
  • These skills are transferable to a wide array of work in higher education, public policy, data analytics, and marketing.



  • This internship welcomes all eligible applicants, including RISE and Mountainview Community students.


Materials Needed to Apply

  1. Resume
  2. A statement of interest addressing:
    1. Why you are excited about this internship in particular
  3.  Candidates selected as finalists should be available for a brief conversation via Zoom. 


Contact Information 

Should you have questions or concerns about this internship, please reach out to Dawn Wilson

Apply By April 22nd 11:59 PM EDT.