The IDA B. WELLS Just Data Lab

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Internship Position

Research Associate


Maximum Number of Positions



ASAP Pathway

Scholar Pathway


Supervising Mentors

Cierra Robson, Associate Director, IDA B. WELLS Just Data Lab

Dr. Ruha Benjamin, Professor of African American Studies and Founding Director, IDA B. WELLS Just Data Lab


Contact Email Address

[email protected]


Position Description

The Ida B. Wells Just Data Lab brings together students, educators, activists, and artists to develop a critical and creative approach to data conception, production, and circulation. This summer, research associates will work at the Just Data Lab Institute, which combines a curriculum of readings at the intersection of technology and racial equality with an independent research project developed by students (in consultation with faculty, facilitator, and Director input). Students will speak with community organizations, engage with existing literature at the intersection of technology and society, and develop a piece of independent research for ongoing advocacy, teaching, and research. This summer's programming surrounds developing a variety of independent research and communication skills. The ASAP interns and other students in the lab will conduct an independent research project and will participate in a communication "track" of their choosing (op-ed writing, policy brief writing, graduate school application writing, fiction writing, public speaking etc) to express the ideas that they have formulated.



This internship welcomes all eligible applicants. Mountainview Community students are especially encouraged to apply.


Skills You Will Need to Begin This Position
  • Independent Research Experience
  • At Least One Prior Course Focused on Race, Racism, and/or Inequality


Skills You Will Develop
  • Independent Research
  • Op-ed Writing
  • Policy Brief Writing
  • Graduate School Application Writing
  • Fiction Writing
  • Public Speaking


Careers Related to This Internship
  • Graduate School
  • Grassroots Organizing
  • Educational Careers
  • Policy Work
  • Public Speaking


How to Apply 

Submit the following in a single email/attachment to [email protected], using the subject "Princeton ASAP Internship Application":

  1. Short-answer responses to the following questions:
    1. What prior courses (focused on race, racism, and inequality) have you taken related to this project?
    2. What other research experiences (if any) have you had?
    3. Which of your skills or experiences do you believe will contribute to the Just Data Lab mission (for example, interviewing skills, coding skills, design skills, artistic skills)?
  2. A short essay reflection (300-word maximum) on your reading of all of the following four articles:
    1. Mariame Kaba, Yes, We Literally Mean Abolish the Police
    2. Mapping Police Violence, Police Score Card
    3. ProPublica, Machine Bias: Risk Assessments in Criminal Sentencing
    4. Hetey and Eberhardt, Numbers Don’t Speak for Themselves: Racial Disparities and the Persistence of Inequality in the Criminal Justice System 
  3. A CV or résumé

You must also complete the ASAP Personal Information Form, and indicate there that you are applying to this internship.