Princeton Institute for International & Regional Studies Global Systemic Risk Research Community

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Internship Position

Research Assistant


Maximum Number of Positions



ASAP Pathway

Scholar Pathway


Supervising Mentor

Dr. Miguel Centeno, Musgrave Professor of Sociology and Vice Dean of the School for Public & International Affairs


Contact Email Address

[email protected]


Position Description

The Global Systemic Risk project analyses the flows associated with globalization. A major part of this effort will be the preparation of two book manuscripts for publication in 2022. Students may be asked to assist in manuscript preparation and follow up research. Students could also opt to research various data sources for flows of trade, money, people, etc. Finally, students may follow up on their own interests in globalization by focusing on one domain (banking, trade, etc) and producing data on these flows.



This internship welcomes all eligible applicants, including Mountainview Community students.


Skills You Will Develop
  • Excel/Spreadsheet Skills


Careers Related to This Internship
  • Academia & Scholarly Research


How to Apply

Submit the following by email to [email protected], using the subject “ASAP Internship Application”:

  1. An introductory letter, articulating why select experiences from your past and your current vision for your future make you and this internship a good fit
  2. A CV

You must also complete the ASAP Personal Information Form, and indicate there that you are applying to this internship.