Princeton-Mellon Initiative in Architecture, Urbanism & the Humanities Communications Intern

Position Description

The Princeton-Mellon Initiative in Architecture, Urbanism, and the Humanities—an interdisciplinary program housed in the School of Architecture—brings together students and faculty, with an interest in cities and the built environment, through public programming, a series of undergraduate and graduate courses, and a yearly fellowship program. As we approach our 10th anniversary, we are looking to produce a publication marking and promoting the work of the initiative, as well as to improve and expand our communications more broadly. The primary work of the interns will be researching and writing a roughly 15-page illustrated document that chronicles the work and impact of the Princeton-Mellon Initiative. Students working on the project will conduct research about the initiative (as well as partner programs), find data and images related to its work, write narratives about the program, and learn how to use software to lay out and publish the final document.

Apply By April 22nd 11:59 PM EDT.


Internship Position

Communications Intern 


Maximum Number of Positions



Supervising Mentors

Aaron Shkuda, PhD, Program Manager, Princeton Mellon Initiative, Architecture. Lecturer in Architecture.


Skills You Will Need to Begin This Position

  • Writing For A General Audience 
  • Research 
  • Image Curating 
  • Layout using Graphic Design Software


Skills You Will Develop

  • Writing and Research Skills 
  • How to Conduct Interviews 
  • Methods Programming
  • Graphic Design


Careers Related to This Internship

  • Communications
  • Grant Writing
  • Higher Education Administration
  • Marketing




This internship welcomes all eligible applicants, including RISE and Mountainview Community students.


Materials Needed to Apply

  1. A statement of interest detailing the following:
    1. What makes you excited or passionate about pursuing this particular internship placement? Please tell a story of something that has happened in your life that makes you feel connected to this work.
  2. Candidates selected as finalists should be available for a brief conversation via Zoom.


Apply By April 22nd 11:59 PM EDT.


Contact Information 

Should you have questions or concerns about this internship, please reach out to Dr. Aaron Shkuda.