Princeton University Press Marketing & Sales Intern

Position Description

The Princeton University Press (PUP) is a global non-profit scholarly publisher. The collaborations of the PUP teams bring 250 books to readers and listeners each year. The Press publishes in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences, and is committed to engaging students with textbooks, researchers with monographs, and general readers with a range of titles that bring scholarly work to wide audiences. PUP interns will learn about the lifecycle of a book, and the collaborations entailed in publishing through an active internship professional development program that includes working with the Marketing and Sales team. We seek a colleague with a curiosity for learning, an appreciation for the role of books in knowledge creation and transfer, and an interest in communication and collaboration. The intern will focus specifically on:

  • Uncovering sales of Princeton’s Education books (including the Skills for Scholars series) by engaging in grassroots-marketing activities that cultivate new audiences in higher education, common-reading programs, professional associations, and other organizations.
  • Conducting research and developing marketing outreach for designated audiences.
  • Preparing marketing materials such as pricelists and campaign emails.
  • Participate in presswide activities and information sessions designed to offer a broader perspective on the work of a global academic publisher.

A PUP intern will also gain experience working with global teams--as PUP has three centers of collaboration in Princeton, Oxford, and Beijing as well as a significant number of staff working remotely in other areas --and will meet colleagues across the 165-person organization.


Apply By May 5th 11:59 PM EDT.


Internship Position

Marketing & Sales Intern


Maximum Number of Positions



Supervising Mentor

Samantha Jeannot, Program Associate


Skills You Will Need to Begin This Position

  • Attention to detail
  • Organizational skills
  • Proofreading experience
  • Time-management/ability to multi-task
  • Strong Verbal and Written Communication
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Suite of Applications


Skills You Will Develop

  • Research Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Participation in Decision-making
  • Team-based and Cross Departmental Collaboration
  • Experience with the Publication Process through Informational Meetings
  • Knowledge of various functions within Marketing and Sales


Careers Related to This Internship

  • Marketing and Sales
  • Academia & Scholarly Research
  • Communications
  • Publishing



  • This internship welcomes all eligible applicants, including RISE and Mountainview Community students.


Materials Needed to Apply

  1. A Statement Letter Detailing the Following:
    1. What you hope to learn about publishing and workplace experience in this fellowship. (Replies can be as broad or specific as you’d like.)
    2. Please share with us a story, or book, or other form of narrative that has meaning to you, and why.
    3. Please tell us something you feel is important for your colleagues to know about you.
  2. Candidates selected as finalists should be available for a brief conversation via Zoom.

Apply By May 5th 11:59 PM EDT.


Contact Information 

Should you have questions or concerns about this internship, please reach out to Samantha Jeannot.