Princeton University Press Scribner Library Project Intern

Position Description

Founded in 1905, Princeton University Press is a nonprofit publisher with close connections to Princeton University. The Press brings influential voices and ideas to the world stage through their academic scholarship, advancing the frontiers of scholarly knowledge and promoting the human conversation.

The collaborations of the PUP teams bring 250 books to readers and listeners each year. The Press publishes in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences, and is committed to engaging students with textbooks, researchers with monographs, and general readers with a range of titles that bring scholarly work to wide audiences. PUP interns will learn about the lifecycle of a book, and the collaborations entailed in publishing across several centers of collaboration including Princeton, oxford, and Beijing. 

This is an opportunity to help Princeton University Press, a 100+ year old publisher of academic and scientific books, organize a library in its building at 41 Williams Street, on campus in Princeton. You will be working with other people who work at the Press to look at books that we have on our shelves and in cartons, record them on a digital spreadsheet, and place them alphabetically by their authors' names around our building. As you work you will become familiar with libraries and how they are organized, and you will get to know the kinds of books a university press publishes.


Apply By April 22nd 11:59 PM EDT.


Internship Position

Scribner Library Project Intern 


Maximum Number of Positions



Supervising Mentor

Louise Jennewine, Executive Assistant to the CFO and the Director of Global Development and IP


Skills You Will Need to Begin This Position

  • Enthusiasm for and familiarity with libraries in general
  • Experience with Microsoft Excel
  • Ability to identify author names on covers and title pages
  • Ability to alphabetize.
  • There are minimal physical requirements, including taking books down from shelves, removing them from cartons, and moving them to locations around our building (carts are available)


Skills You Will Develop

  • Skill in processing the receipt and physical organization of books, monographs, and other academic/scientific content.
  • Other PUP staff will be available to train and respond to questions as the intern's work goes on; a set of written instructions will also be given to the intern.


Careers Related to This Internship

  • Librarianship
  • Publishing 



  • This internship welcomes all eligible applicants, including RISE and Mountainview Community students.


Materials Needed to Apply

  1. A Statement Letter Detailing the Following:
    1. Your experience using a library (public, school, university, or elsewhere). 
    2. Why do you or did you use a library? 
    3. What do you like or not like about the libraries you have used? 
    4. Do you have experience with Microsoft Excel? 
  2. Candidates selected as finalists should be available for a brief conversation via Zoom.

Apply By April 22nd 11:59 PM EDT.


Contact Information 

Should you have questions or concerns about this internship, please reach out to Louise Jennewine