Prison Teaching Initiative / Classics Department

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Internship Position

Course Developer


Maximum Number of Positions



ASAP Pathway

Scholar Pathway


Supervising Mentor

Dr. Josh Billings, Professor of Classics


Contact Email Address

[email protected]


Position Description

The project involves assisting a professor of Classics in planning an undergraduate class focused on justice that will run in tandem inside a prison facility and at Princeton. The interns will immerse themselves in classical and modern literary and philosophical sources on justice and work with the professor to craft syllabi, while developing a set of best-practice guidelines for teaching to justice-impacted populations. They will work closely with faculty members and graduate students in Classics.



This internship welcomes all eligible applicants. Mountainview Community students are especially encouraged to apply.


Skills You Will Need to Begin This Position
  • Textual Analysis
  • Social Analysis


Skills You Will Develop
  • Literary and Philosophical Analysis
  • Thinking about Pedagogy


Careers Related to This Internship
  • Education
  • Research


How to Apply 

Submit the following by email to [email protected], using the subject "ASAP Internship Application":

  1. A brief statement describing your interest in the position and relevant experience

You must also complete the ASAP Personal Information Form, and indicate there that you are applying to this internship.

Applicants will be interviewed before selection.