Vice Provost for Institutional Equity & Diversity (VPIED) Science Outreach Intern

Position Description

A Science Outreach internship student would assist in creating infrastructure for the new science outreach program that supports ten academic units. The internship student will assist in developing program planning and assessments, inventory management, data collection, website, newsletter, and social media management for science outreach initiatives. The internship student would also help coordinate, plan and attend existing and future science outreach opportunities between academic departments and community partners. The internship student would assist in managing a coordinated calendar of science outreach events and programs and build legacy information for the institution focused on science outreach activities.

Apply By May 5th 11:59 PM EDT.


Internship Position

Science Outreach Intern


Maximum Number of Positions



Supervising Mentors

Dr. Paryn A. Wallace, Associate Director of Science Outreach

Kevin C. Hudson, Associate Director for Diversity & College Opportunity


Skills You Will Need to Begin This Position

Science outreach is specific in that it must meet the needs of both university science departments and community stakeholders. The work suits students with:

  • Technical skills
  • An interest in community outreach, and university program administration that includes collaboration with academic departments (faculty, staff, and students) and K-12 schools and community organizations.


Skills You Will Develop

  • Program development and planning
  • Learn the impact of community engagement with operational and logistical support regarding researching and identifying the needs of local schools and the community.


Careers Related to This Internship

  • Education
  • Education Administration
  • Marketing
  • Research
  • Consulting
  • The skills are transferable to multiple careers depending on interests of intern(s).


Materials Needed to Apply

  1. A Statement Letter Detailing the Following:
    1. Why did you decide to apply to this opportunity?
    2. What skills do you want to gain from this experience?
    3. What skills can you offer us that will impact the work?
    4. What do you know about the work of the Office of the Vice Provost of Institutional Equity and Diversity or the Office of Science Outreach?
    5. What most intrigues you about the work?
    6. What are areas of concern about the work?
    7. How have you been involved in areas of work that the Office of the VPIED supports? (Diversity and Inclusion, Accessibility, Title IX, College Opportunity)
    8. What about work related to Science Outreach?
    9. Provide us an example of how you dealt with jobs that require attention to detail.
    10. Provide us an example of how you project plan – when faced with a task or project that requires a time to complete, like hosting a conference or producing a handbook.
    11. Please share a time when you have had to keep information confidential. How did you deal with that?
    12. Tell us specifically about your experience using Excel and Powerpoint.
    13. Please share any experience you have designing or maintaining a website and social media communications for a job or activity.
    14. Share an example of a project or two that you worked on in previous employment that added value to the company or organization. Can give example from a student activity if there is no job example.
  2. Candidates selected as finalists should be available for a brief conversation via Zoom.

Apply By May 5th 11:59 PM EDT.


Contact Information 

Should you have questions or concerns about this internship, please reach out to Kevin Hudson.